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Maintenance Employee at Bunk

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsMAINTENANCE

Job description

With 45 rooms in our location in Utrecht, 106 in Amsterdam Noord and a hostel area comprised of unique and innovative private pods, Bunk is a young, growing brand where guests from all over the world can experience our cities for an affordable price. Our guests should be able to enjoy their travels without a care in the world, and the state of our building and services is a huge part of keeping their stays safe and smooth. Our maintenance team is always ready to help sort things on the fly with quick reparations and technical support.


Some people roll with the punches, and you are definitely one of those people. Working in maintenance can be unpredictable since anything beyond big projects are difficult to plan ahead, but you thrive in that unpredictability. You like to be kept on your toes, and crave variety. You have no problem working in Amsterdam or Utrecht, during the day or at night. You’re handy, and you like to get down and dirty – you aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to fix something. You enjoy a good puzzle, and love getting to the root of, and solving, any problem that comes your way. You do it all with a smile, too, and even though you might break a sweat, you’re always ready to interact with guests. They’re who you’re doing it all for, anyway.


In Bunk’s monumental churches, you’ll find a cross between a hostel, a hotel, a restaurant, a coworking

space, an art gallery, a cultural event venue, a traveler’s gem and a local favourite. Far from your typical

hospitality concept, then. Our brand is built around personality, connection and stories and our team is made of real people from all walks of life. Rather than extensive experience, what our team has in common is a love for others, and for helping them, whether that be through pointing them towards the best experiences in our cities or creating the best experience on their plates.

Job requirements

  • You like Bunk